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  • The European chemical industry or change their advantage no longer beset with troubles internally and externally self salvation

    The European chemical industry or change their advantage no longer beset with troubles internally and externally self salvation

    The European chemical industry into beset with troubles internally and externally.

    A European economic downturn led to weak demand in the countries, on the other hand, Europe and the Middle East, North America area in petrochemical production cost exists huge gap; at the same time Europe's strict regulation lead to rising production costs, export competitiveness. European share of chemical products in the global market has dropped significantly.

    In the grim situation, the European industry experts to reach a consensus: the European chemical industry must achieve self redemption".

    Accounted for only 17% of the global market share

    European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) director general Hubert. Mandry said: "Cefic has adjusted the 2014 forecast value, European chemicals production from June forecast growth of 2% adjustment to current growth of 1.5%. But based on the remainder of the year and 2015 economic growth rate tends to smooth the prediction, we forecast to 2015 chemicals production results do not change, the European chemicals production in 2015 will grow by 1.5%. However, present some of the key indicators show growth deceleration risk is on the rise."

    In the first seven months of this year, the European chemicals production and last year unchanged from the same period, specific see petrochemical products production fell by 6.5%, specialty chemicals production in the same period last year increased by 3.3%, year-on-year consumer chemicals production increased 1.5%, polymer yield increased by 0.4% year on year, based inorganic chemicals yield with increase of 0.2%. However, the European chemicals production in July appeared a trend of decrease. The first half of this year, the European Chemicals net exports amounted to 22 billion 500 million euros, below the level of the same period last year. As of the end of 7, the European chemical sales revenue was only 1% higher than the same period in 2008.

    "European chemical production is still on the increase, but our share of the global market is declining, and China and the United States have the upper hand," said Mann. Last year, the global chemical sales revenue of US $, the share of the European share of 17%. in 2004, the European share of more than 30%"

    "Affordable" climate policy

    CEFIC President Clamadieu said, to maintain the competitiveness of Europe's 2.9 million chemical companies and 1 million 200 thousand employees are essential. At present, the European chemical investment reduction, some industries are at risk. To reverse the situation, Europe should ensure the smooth implementation of relevant policies and measures of the European Union, should fully consider the global economic situation and strive to enhance the competitiveness of European enterprises.

    Mandry pointed out that the European Chemicals in the global market share fell sharply in the main reason is that the EU's regulatory efforts and high raw material prices, increased the European chemicals production cost, and other area does not exist this kind of difficult.

    CEFIC Bock, the former president, called for European politicians to promote European Industrial Development in a global perspective, as the European industry is facing fierce competition. Today, the contribution of the chemical industry to the European GDP only 15%. for the healthy development of the European economy, the EU has established to the 2020 industry's contribution to the European GDP reached 20%, the goal. However, the reality is that the capital invested in chemical production is reduced, the European technology has been unable to keep up with the pace of development in other parts of the world, the chemical industry chain has been at risk".

    CEFIC said that Europe should increase the price competitiveness of energy and the introduction of the climate policy. At present, the United States of natural gas, electricity costs are the EU's 1/3 and 1/2. if the EU hopes to achieve industrial contribution to GDP by 2020 of 20% of the target, then the industry should not be bound by the EU's climate policy. And the European Commission proposed greenhouse gas emission reduction proposal means that the European industrial greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced by 70% compared to 1990, the future will continue to reduce emissions. This means that Europe will import more products, which is an injury to the European industry. The European Competition Commission should be the European industrial enterprises to compete for a price competitive energy supply. Energy and climate policy must allow enterprises to afford, otherwise the European industry in the competition after the failure, the level of industrialization in the region will be back. Only in the appropriate framework, the European chemical industry in order to continue to contribute to the EU's low carbon economy. The moment, the EU should cancel the cost of the high cost of unilateral measures.

    "Self redemption" in the new situation"

    Mandelli said that the European chemical industry every 20~30 years must be a "self redemption", and in the current competitive situation, we must speed up the process of "self redemption" in order to maintain competitiveness. European chemical companies are shifting from energy intensive, basic processing companies to high value-added and low energy intensive enterprises.

    Clamadieu said: to enhance the competitiveness of the field of energy is the primary task. Even some European countries in terms of shale gas development policy has lifted, but the European shale gas industry and gas supply business is still in a long time after the effect can be received. The conditions in Europe are quite different from the US. The United States more relaxed environment so that the rapid development of the shale gas industry, while the European environment does not have such. We should look at this problem in a practical manner. Some European countries already have the potential of shale gas development, but must be developed under the premise of doing a good job in environmental protection."

    He believes that the success of the North American shale gas revolution has dramatically changed the global energy outlook. Europe's petrochemical industry, which relies on oil and gas, must adapt to the new situation, such as the choice of natural gas imports from North America. Europe's petrochemical industry should strive to change their own, enhance competitiveness. (China Petroleum and chemical industry network)

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