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  • Natural BaSO4 XM-BA381

    Natural Barium Sulphate

    Barium Sulphate

    Molecular Formula: BaSO4

    CAS NO.: 13462-86-7

    H.S. Code: 2511100000


    Typical Properties

    High specific gravity

    Uniform particle size distribution

    Good dispersity and affinity

    Extremely high brightness

    High purity guaranteed

    Excellent chemical inertness

    Resistant to acids and alkalis



    Powder coating, paint, plastic, rubber, painting, dye, printing ink, copper plate, textile, lead-acid battery, brake pad, brake lining, pigment, car parts, paper-making, glass, porcelain enamel, ceramics & insulating tape etc.
    - Powder coating and painting: as a filler in coating powder, can adjust coating thickness, color and luster; also improve chemical stability.
    - Plastics Industry: It makes the plastic ore durable, perfect covering, and top grade electricity insulation plastic.
    - Rubber industry: improve product strength, wear resistance and geometric stability, and long lifespan, weather resistance, toughness and hardness.
    - Printing ink: increase the brightness and color.



    Model No.BA389BA386BA386-ABA382BA381BA345
    BaSO4 (%)949494929292
    D97 (μm)33.421.0 21.0 228.821.0 
    D50 (μm)11.37.8 7.8 83.37.8 
    Whiteness (%)855070909286
    Loss on Ignition (%)0.910.890.710.880.850.43
    pH Value7±0.57±0.57±0.57±0.57±0.57±0.5
    Moisture (%)0.2-0.30.2-0.30.2-0.30.2-0.30.2-0.30.2-0.3
    Oil Absorption (g/100g)13~1513~1513~1513~1513~1512~14

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